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The gallery

Hanga Monogatari is a small online gallery specializing in Japanese woodblock prints, physically located in Ōsaka and established in 2021.

This project came to fruition in 2020, in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. With my usual daily workloads temporarily relieved, I found myself with enough spare time to revisit university notes, reawaken my dormant knowledge and dedicate myself once again to some of my passions and hobbies.

Here, to the best of my abilities and with the time at my disposal, I gather and attempt to narrate the stories behind the prints I collect, sell, and research.

Given language barriers and the limited availability of detailed information, researching individual prints is not always a straightforward task. This is particularly true when it comes to subjects like Shrines, kabuki drama, actors, or historical characters. Nevertheless, I strive to provide as much detail and conciseness as possible, continually updating my database of prints.

Some prints belong to private collections, while others are available for purchase upon request.

On the Instagram and Twitter profiles, I share additional insights into Japan and its rich culture through an array of prints, photographs, and digitally crafted images.

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New arrivals

A list of the newest five available prints will constantly be uploaded here.

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