Author: Ogata Gekkō (尾形月耕).
Subject: Rosei's dream (Rosei yume no zu, 盧生夢之図).
Series: Gekkō zuihitsu (月耕随筆).
Number: 34/47.
Genre: monogatari-e (物語絵).
Size: large (ōban, 大判) 36,4cm x 24,7cm (14,33 x 9,72 inches).
Publisher: Takegawa Risaburō (武川利三郎).
Period: c. 1888 ~ 1896 (Meiji era).
Trimmed: no
Backed: no
Code: OGK01008

Condition: the print features vivid and well-preserved colors with slight stains on the left margin and signs of aging. Small holes are visible on the upper side, but these do not compromise the main visual integrity of the artwork. No obvious repairs are noted, indicating good overall preservation of the print.

"The Dream of Rosei (or Rōshō)" is based on a Tang Dynasty legend about a poor young man named Rosei. After sleeping on a Taoist named Lu Dongbin's magical pillow, Rosei dreams of a life filled with extraordinary successes. However, this imagined life ends with a sudden fall from grace. The story symbolizes the ephemeral nature of success and human fortune, illustrating how reality can change as quickly as in a dream.
This tale is often used to reflect on the transience of worldly glories.