Author: Toyohara Kunichika (豊原国周).
Series: Collection of musical beauties (ongaku bijin soroi, 音楽美人揃).
Subject: The Lady of Lower Fourth Rank, Takakura Kazuko (Jushii Takakura Kazuko, 従四位高倉寿子).
Genre: bijin-ga (美人画).
Size: large (ōban, 大判) 37,1cm x 25,3cm ( 14,60 x 9,96 inches).
Publisher: Arai Kizaburō (荒井 喜三郎).
Period: c. 1878 (Meiji).
Trimmed: no
Backed: no
Code: TKC01013

Condition: vibrant colors with slight fading and some stains and discoloration, particularly on the back. Minor folds and creases, but there are no visible holes or repairs. Overall, the print remains in relatively good condition, maintaining its integrity and artistic value despite signs of aging.

Born in 1840 and deceased on January 27, 1930, Takakura Kazuko (高倉 寿子), known at court as Shinju (新樹), was a distinguished noblewoman during the Meiji (明治) and Taishō (大正) periods.
Originating from the aristocratic Takakura (高倉) family, she served the Grand Minister of the Left, Ichijō Tadaka (一条 忠香). In 1868, as Yoshiko (美子), Tadaka's third daughter and the future Empress Shōken (昭憲), entered the court as the consort of Emperor Meiji (明治天皇), Kazuko was appointed to accompany the new consort, taking on the role of a court lady. Later, she was promoted to head of the court ladies, managing communications between the Major of the Imperial Palace and the Empress and participating in all official outings.
Following the Empress's death, Kazuko retired to the city of Kyoto (京都) in 1915, where she remained until her death in 1930, at the age of 91.