Author: Utagawa Kunisada (歌川国貞) here as Toyokuni (豊国).
Subject: Mi o tsukushi (みをつくし).
Series: Fifty four scenes from Genji (Genji gojūyon chō, 源氏五十四帖).
Number: 14/54.
Genre: Genji-e (源氏絵).
Size: medium (chūban, 中判) 25,2cm x 18,1cm (9,92 x 7,12 inches).
Publisher: Tōkokudō / Kiritanidō (桐谷堂).
Period: c. 1852 (late Edo).
Trimmed: no
Backed: no
Code: UKSI01020

Condition: despite showing slight signs of age, the print is in good condition. The colors are clear and well-defined, even though they have lost some of their tone. There are no folds but few minor stains. There are no damages or repairs.

The print depicts a woman of high status, engrossed in reading a letter or poem. Her kimono, adorned with intricate floral patterns, signifies wealth and prestige. The image invokes a private moment of contemplation, emphasizing the importance placed on literature and poetry in Japanese society.

Mi o Tsukushi is the fourteenth chapter from the famous Tale of Genji.
Follows an approximate translation of the poetic text that appears on background to the lady depicted in the work, and a summary of the chapter.


"Kasunara te naniwa no koto mo kai naki yo ami wo tsukushi omoi someshi kemu"

"Since it seemed futile, I have spent all my efforts in vain, accumulating useless thoughts."

Genji regains the prestige lost due to his exile and becomes a Palace Advisor, while Aoi's father, his father-in-law, returns to politics as the Prime Minister.
The Emperor abdicates in favor of Fujitsubo's son, and the title of Rightful Heir goes to Suzaku's son.
Genji plans to restore a pavilion for the ladies and learns that the Lady of Akashi has given birth to a future empress, a decision that stirs jealousy in Murasaki, Genji's favorite.
After generous gifts for the Fiftieth Day from the birth of the girl, Genji visits the Lady of the Falling Flowers Village and Fujitsubo, now the Empress Mother. Hyobukyo, who had despised him during the exile, fails to regain his esteem.
A pilgrimage and a coincidental meeting with the Lady of Akashi further strengthen their bond.
With Rokujo's death, Genji promises to care for her daughter without seducing her, despite the temptation.
The retired emperor Suzaku wants Akikonomu at court to influence the new young emperor, but Genji, supported by Fujitsubo, already has plans to present her at court as a guide for the sovereign.