Yūshin Ayaoka (1846 ~ 1910)

Yūshin Ayaoka (綾岡悠心), born in Edo, was the son of Terumatsu Ikeda (池田輝松) and a student of Shibata Zeshin (柴田是真) during his youth. During the Meiji period, he was active as a woodblock print artist as well as a painter and calligrapher. He specialized in kachō-e (花鳥絵, "bird-and-flower pictures") and fūkeiga (風景画, "landscapes").
Unfortunately, little is known about his life and career today, and his known output is limited, including a few collections such as the "Nice Views of Nikkō" (日光勝景, Nikkō Shōkei).
His works are included in prestigious collections such as the British Museum and the Minneapolis Institute of Arts.