Utagawa Yoshitaki (1841 ~ 1899)

Utagawa Yoshitaki, active from the late 1850s to the late 1880s, was a prolific artist who likely studied as a pupil of Utagawa Yoshiume (歌川芳梅) in both Edo and Ōsaka (大阪). In Ōsaka, where he spent most of his time, he was particularly influenced by the works of Hirosada.
Starting his career in his early twenties, Yoshitaki published hundreds of works, primarily in chūban (中判) format and focusing on yakusha-e (役者絵, actor prints), but also other genres such as bijin-ga (美人画, images of beautiful women), musha-e (武者絵, warrior prints), and fūkei-ga (風景画, landscapes), sometimes in deluxe ōban (大判) editions.